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1963 December Established Kitani Electric Co.,Ltd.
1965 June Started to manufacture and distribute electrical sockets for maritime use and vehicles as well as terminal blades for power cords
1968 April Developed wire-connection saving machineries ( terminal crimping machines, spot welding machines integrated with automatic work feeding mechanism and etc.
1971 December Developed an automatic power terminal crimping machine mounted stopper mechanism.
1973 September Opened Hirakata business office ( a factory attached ) and manufacture and sales for main articles of terminal blade were transferred to the new site.
1974 October Opened Tokyo business office.
1978 November Developed a cutting & crimping machine for power cords of JIS and UL standards.
1979 September Developed an automatic forming machine for power cords.
1980 March Developed a full automatic power plugs & cables assembling machine in compliance with JIS and UL standards.
1983 May Newly developed a factory automation system integrated with an insert-forming system for power plugs (CEE standard type) and started sale of the system.
1984 August Developed a full automated power plugs and cables assembly machine based CEE standard.
1987 May Newly equipped an full automatic production line for power plug assembly including an insert forming mechanism and started sales.
1990 August Started manufacture and sale of AV-related mechanical parts.
1990 September Opened Shiga Factory and started power terminal production.
1994 October Developed a full automatic power plug assembling machine for round type double-core cables.
1994 November Developed and started sale of F-type connector by means of stamping press work.
1995 July Founded K & N Co., Ltd.( M&A corp.) in Hong Kong and expanded manufacture of AV-related mechanical parts production in China.
1995 September Developed a full automatic power plug and cable assembly machine integrated with spot welding devices and die-cavity.
1996 June Acquired UL standard certification for plug terminals.
1997 January Developed a full automatic power cord forming and assembling machine for electric cleaners.
1997 February Acquired NEW QIG certification ( quality Independent Guarantee Contract System ) from Television Business Division of Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd.( Panasonic )
1997 March Developed F-contact plug and started sales.
1998 April Developed an automated clutch assembling machine (4K Type) for electric washing machines.
1998 May Started production of high precision stamping press work for aluminum precision parts for hard discs. Started stamping press work for terminal sets for mobile telephones.
1999 June Developed automatic clutch (6K Type ) assembling machine for washing machines.
2000 January Developed a wire cord terminal treatment machine ( Automatic bushing forming system ) / Acquired patents for connector joint and terminal junction boxes for solar power output system and started actual production.
2000 May Closed Tokyo Office and opened a Kanto Home Office.
2001 February Developed External Appearance Inspection System for flat type lithium batteries.
2001 September Founded K & N Co., Ltd. China Factory in Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, China.
2001 October Developed a lithium battery assembling line for CR-V3 digital camera.
2003 January Acquired certification of ISO14001 (JACO) .
2003 February Issued the first debenture bond ( private raise by Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank and security by Osaka Prefecture Government Small & Medium Enterprise Credit Warranty Association )
2003 June Issued the second debenture bond ( private raise by UFJ Bank warranty )
2005 July Changed the company name of K & N Co., Ltd. to Kitani Electric (HK) Co., Ltd.
2005 August Founded Kitani Electric Slovakia s.r.o.
2006 January Acquired ISO9001 certification (JIA)
2007 January Unification of ISO9001/ISO 14001 Certification Authority in Japan
( JQA )
 2010 September  Received the Capital Investment of J.Yen 20,000,000 from Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd  As the result, Total Capital became J.Yen 40,000,000.
 2010 December Opened a new China Plant .
 2012 Septenber